Multiple Choice Quiz on Human Genetic Disorder

This quiz is designed to assess your basic knowledge of ‘human genetic disorders’.  Choose the best answer from the four options given. When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking ' Score'. The percentage score will be displayed along with the right answers.
Human Genetic Disorder
1. Sickle cell anemia is due to
change in β chain of haemoglobin
change in γ chain of hemoglobin
change in α chain of haemoglobin
None of these
2. Huntingting's chorea is characterized by
incongruent muscle movement
inability to speak
disordered muscle movement and mental deterioration
weak eye sight and hearing power
3. Individual with Turner's syndrome is
normal female
normal male
a male with rudimentary testes and undeveloped penis
a female with rudimentary ovaries and underdeveloped breasts
4. Autosomal recessive traits are
albinism, phenylketonuria and infantile amaurotic idiocy
albinism, alkaptonuria and haemophilia
phenylketonuria, red green colour blindness and muscular dystrophy
Huntington's chorea, polydactyly and albinism
5. Queen Victoria was carrier of hemophilia, a sex linked disease. What is true?
hemophilia, would have occurred more in her male than female descendants
queen's father must have had hemophilia
all of her sons would have had haemophilia
all of her sons would have had haemophilia
6. Duchenne's muscular dystrophy is a
dominant sex linked disorder
dominant autosomal disorder
recessive sex linked disorder
recessive autosomal disorder
7. In Tay Sach's disease
child is born normal
there is no cure
child develops severe CNS damage and dies in 3-4 years
all of these
8. Congenital disease are
disease present at birth
deficiency diseases
spread from one individual to another
occur during life
9. A late acting dominant disorder is
Tay sach's disease
Huntington's chorea
10. Turner's syndrome does not occur in males(44+y) because
an ovum is seldom devoid of X chromosome
foetus with 44+Y complement dies
a male sperm does not penetrate X deficient ovum
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