Multiple Choice Quiz on Muscular tissues

This quiz is designed to assess your basic knowledge in ‘muscular system-muscular tissues’. Questions come under ‘medium’ category. Choose the best answer from the four options given. When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking ' Score'. Percentage score will be displayed along with right answers.
1. Cardiac muscles are
  Cardiac Muscle Cells

striated, syncytial and voluntary
striated, crossconnected and involuntary
striated, syncytial and involuntary
smooth, spindle shaped and involuntary

2. Major protein constituent of muscle fibre is

3. Cardiac sphincter muscle is a circular band of
cardiac muscles
smooth muscles
striated muscles
none of these

4. Striped muscle fibres are held together by
adipose tissue
white fibrous tissue
yellow fibrous tissue
areolar connective tissue

5. Uninucleate muscles are
smooth muscles
skeletal muscles
volutary muscles
none of these

6. Myofibrils show dark and light bands in
cardiac muscles
striped muscles
cardiac muscles and unstriated muscles
cardiac muscles and striped muscles

7. Bundles of striated muscle fibres are enclosed in

8. Inter calated discs are present in
cardiac muscles
Striped muscles
unstriated muscles

9. Unstriped muscles are present in the
wall of intestine
leg muscles
muscles of fore limb
heart wall

10. Characteristics of smooth muscle fibres are
spindle shaped, unbranched, unstriated, uninucleate and involuntary
spindle shaped, unbranched, unstriated, multinucleate and involuntary
cylindircal, unbranched, unstriated, uninucleate and involuntary
cylindrical, unbranched, striated, multinucleate and involuntary

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