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DNA fingerprinting or DNA profiling is a quick way to compare the DNA sequences of any two individuals. Prof Alec Jeffrey and his colleagues at Leicester University (UK) in 1985 developed this technique. Read more >>
This quiz is designed to assess your basic knowledge in ‘DNA Fingerprinting or DNA Profiling’. Questions come under ‘medium’ category. Choose the best answer from the four options given. When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking 'Get score'. Percentage score will be displayed along with right answers.
DNA fingerprinting
1. DNA fingerprinting was developed by
Watson and Crick
Alec Jeffrey
Paul Berg
2. Which of the following technique is used in DNA fingerprinting
Western blotting
Flow cytometry
Northern blotting
Southern blotting
3. DNA fingerprinting relies on identifying specific
coding sequences
non-coding sequences
both a and b
4. DNA fingerprinting relies on identifying minisatellites which are
repetitive coding short DNA sequences
repetitive non-coding short DNA sequences
repetitive coding and non-coding short DNA sequences
non-repetitive non-coding short DNA sequences
5. Which of the following is true regarding minisatellites
rich in GC pairs
individuals vary in size, number and location of these minisatellites
also called as VNTRs
all of these
6. Multilocus probes used in DNA fingerprinting are
short length of DNA that binds to target DNA at several places
RNA probes
long length of DNA that binds to target DNA at a single point
RNA and DNA probes
7. Short stretches of DNA used to identify complementary sequence in a sample is called
8. All are applications of DNA fingerprinting except
in forensic science
to settle disputed parentage
to amplify a minisatellite
diagnosis of inherited disorders
9. Which types of probes are commonly used in forensic science
multilocus probes
singlelocus probes
both a and b
RNA probes
10. Arrange DNA finger printing procedure in the correct order
1-restriction digestion 2-DNA isolation 3-electrophoresis4-southern blotting 5-probe hybridization-6) autoradiograph
1-DNA isolation 2-electrophoresis 3- restriction digestion4-southern blotting 5-probe hybridization-6) autoradiograph
1-DNA isolation 2-restriction digestion 3-electrophoresis4-probe hybridization 5-Southern blotting-6- autoradiograph
1-DNA isolation 2-restriction digestion 3-electrophoresis 4-southern blotting 5-probe hybridization-6) autoradiograph

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