Multiple Choice Quiz on Cell The Unit of Life

This quiz is designed to assess your  knowledge in ‘Cell - The unit of life’. Choose the best answer from the four options given. When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking 'Score'. Percentage score will be displayed along with right answers.

1. According to fluid mosaic model, plasma membrane is composed of
phospholipids and oligosaccharides
phospholipids and hemicellulose
phospholipids and intergral proteins
phospholipids, extrinsic proteins and intrinsic proteins
2. A bivalent consists of
two chromatids and one centromere
two chromatids and two centromeres
four chromatids and two centromweres
four chromatids and four centromeres
3. Additional of new cell wall particles amongst the existing ones is
4. Experiments on Acetabularia by Hammerling proved ones is
cytoplasm in controlling differentiation
nucleus in heredity
chromosomes in heredity
nucleus cytoplasmic ratio
5. Which is correct about cell theory in view of current status of our knowledge about cell structure
cell theory means that all living objects consissts of cells wheather or not capable of reproducing
it needs modification due to discovery of subcellular structures like chrorplasts and mitochondria
cell theory does not hold good because all living beings( eg., viruses) do not have capable of reproducing
modified cell theory means that all living beings are composed of cells capable of reproducing
6. Golgi apparatus is absent in
higher plants
bacteria and blue green algae
none of the above
7. In plant cells, peroxisomes are associated with
8. Balbiani rings (puffs) are sites of
DNA replication
RNA and protein synthesis
synthesis of lipids
synthesis of polysaccharides
9. The prokaryotic flagella possess
unit membrane enclosed fibre
protein membrane enclosed fibre
9+2 membrane enclosed fibre
helically arranged protein molecule
10. The mechanism of ATP formation both in chloroplasts and mitochondria is explained by
chemiosmotic theory
Munch's hypothesis (mass flow model)
relay pump theory of Godlewski
Cholodny Wont's model
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