Multiple Choice Quiz on Vaccines | Immunology Quiz

1. Which of the following statements is true of DNA vaccines?
DNA vaccines can have distinct advantages when preparing subunit vaccines against viruses that frequently alter their antigens
DNA vaccines require cold storage in tropical countries
DNA vaccines must be administered on gold particles if they are to be effective
DNA vaccines are only effective if followed by a protein boost

2. To which one of the following groups would it be acceptable to give a live attenuated viral vaccine?
Patients treated with steroids
Patients with leukemia
A Children under 8 years of age
Patients treated with radiotherapy

3. DNA vaccines can be effective if they
encode expression of antigen
encode expression of appropriate cytokines
can be engineered to contain DNA motifs that have an adjuvant effect
all of these

4. Polysaccharides are rarely effective vaccines by themselves because they
large repeating B cell epitopes
only induce CTL responses
are usually same in people and bacteria
lack classical T cell epitopes

5. For vaccination against tuberculosis, what is the most important facet of the immune response to be stimulated?
macrophage-activating cell-mediated immunity
Cytotoxic T cells
all of these

6. An antibody to CD40 would be expected to enhance vaccine effectiveness by
inducing dendritic cell apoptosis
blocking CD40 signalling on dendritic cells
activating CD40 signalling on dendritic cells
none of these

7. What is the minimum percentage of children that need to be vaccinated successfully in order to achieve herd immunity to Diphtheria?

8. A small protein subunit used in a vaccine can fail to stimulate T cell immunity because of:
lack of carrier determinants
lack of glycosylation
HLA related unresponsiveness
none of these

9. An antibody response to a protein vaccine can only be obtained:
If disulfide bonds are maintained
If the peptide bonds are maintained
If the molecule is glycosylated
If the molecule maintains discontinuous epitopes

10. Which of the following is a feature of a Salmonella based vaccine expressing antigens from other infectious agents?
The organism does not need to be attenuated
Only secretory IgA is elicited
Immunity is limited to the gut
It provokes both oral and systemic immunity

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