Quiz on Developmental biology

This quiz on developmental biology is designed to assess your knowledge on basics of developmental biology. Choose the best answer from the four options given. When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking ' Score'.  Percentage score will be displayed along with right answers. 

1. Certain proteins or mRNAs that are regionally localized within the unfertilized egg and regulate development are called
gene regulators
morphometric determinants
cytoplasmic determinants
mosaic forming factors

2. The ability of cells to achieve their respective fates by interacting with other cells is known as
autonomous specification
conditional specification

3. With respect to development of any organism, autonomous specification" would result in which type of development?

4. Cell to cell communication is important in development of an organism. The ability of cells to respond to a specific inductive signal is called
Regional specificity of induction
Juxtracrine signalling
Instructive interaction

5. Which kind of cleavage is shown in mammals?
Holoblastic rotational
Meroblastic rotational
Holoblastic radial
Meroblastic radial

6. If an embryo undergoes 13 cleavage divisions during embryogenesis, then the size of the embryo compared to zygote
Remains almost the same
increases in an exponential fashion
increases only 6-7 times
increases 13 times.

7. If you remove a set of cells from an early embryo, you observe that the adult organism lacks the structure that would have been produced from those cells. Therefore, the organism seems to have undergone
syncytial specification
morphogenic specification
conditional specification
autonomous specification

8. With respect to development of any organism, "conditional specification" would result in which type of development?

9. Amphibian zygote will generally undergo
Holoblastic radial cleavage
meroblastic bilateral cleavage
Holoblastic rotational cleavage
Meroblastic rotational cleavage

10. In chick, development of wing feather, thigh feather and claws depends on epithelial specificity conferred by induction from mesenchymal components from different sources of the dermins. This may be attributed to?
Autocrine interaction
Receptor activation by hormones
Regional specificity of induction
Inactivation of genetic interactionsn

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