Multiple Choice Quiz on Global Warming

Greenhouse effect and ozone depletion are the two major environmental issues. The increased amounts of green house gases in the atmosphere are affecting the global climate. The climate change will increase threats to human health. Global warming will lead to changes in weather patterns and ocean currents.
Practice Test on Global Warming

1. Checking of re radiating heat by atmosphere carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, dust is known as
ozone layer
green house effect
radioactive effect
solar effect
2. Ultraviolet radiations from sunlight causes a reaction that produces
sulphur oxide
carbon monoxide
3. Excess atmospheric carbon dioxide increase green house effect as carbon dioxide
precipitates dust in the atmosphere
is opaque to infrared rays
reduce atmospheric pressure
is not opaque to infrared rays
4. The most abundant greenhouse gas in the earth's atmosphere:
carbon dioxide
nitrous oxide
water vapor
5. Which of the following is not a major greenhouse gas?
water vapor
6. Which of the following gases are mainly responsible for the atmospheric greenhouse effect in the earth's atmosphere?
nitrogen and carbon dioxide
water vapor and carbon dioxide
ozone and oxygen
oxygen and nitrogen
7. Which of the following is not a potential adverse effect of global warming?
more extreme weather patterns
retreat of glaciers
an increase of UVB radiation
sea level rise
8. Ozonospere is mainly depleted by
excess CO
excess CO2
9. In addition to their role in ozone depletion, CFCs play a role in global warming by
absorbing solar radiation
blocking ultraviolet-B radiation
absorbing earthshine in the 10 micron region
destroying ozone, which cools the Earth
10. Which of the following processes acts to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?
burning fossil fuels
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