Multiple Choice Quiz on Plasma Membrane

Cell membrane is the ‘line of control’ of the factory of life "the cell". This living structure is responsible for keeping individuality and also acts as a barrier from unwanted intruders. Cell membrane has channels and receptors that allow efficient trafficking and communication. Read more>>

All cells are enclosed by a thin, film like Cell membranes, plasma lemma, biological membranes or biomembranes. The plasma membrane is a semipermeable (not everything can pass through) boundary between the cell and its environment. It is made up of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates. Functions of Plasma membrane Read more>>
1. Steroid hormones have receptors predominantly on
cell surface
both cell surface and cytoplasm
inside nucleus only
2. The major interaction responsible for stabilizing plasma membrane
hydrophilic interactions
ionic bonds
covalent bonds
hydrophobic interactions
3. The organelles involved in protein transport
ER and Golgi
ER and mitochondria
Golgi and mitochondria
lysosomes and golgi
4. The role of carbohydrates in cell membrane
cell adhesion
cell-cell recognition
assisting transport across cell membrane
cell storage reserve
5. All hormones can cross plasma membrane except
6. The major biomolecule responsible for selective uptake of materials across plasma membrane
7. All the following substance pass through cell membrane except
8. At physiological pH increase in cholesterol level
increases fluidity
decreases fluidity
no change in fluidity
none of the above
9. The longer the fatty acid chain, fluidity of the lipid bi layer
no change in fluidity
none of the above
10. The inner leaflets of erythrocytes has
sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine
phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylethanolamine.
sphingomyelin and phosphatidylserine
phosphatidyl serine and phosphatidylcholine
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