DNA Replication Diagram Quiz

This labelled diagram quiz on DNA replication is designed to assess your basic knowledge in DNA replicationChoose the best answer from the four options given. When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking ' Score'.  Percentage score will be displayed along with right answers. See the short notes on Steps in DNA replication.
DNA Replication Diagram Quiz
1. Name the protein labelled 1 which is involved in preventing the renaturation of separated strands during DNA replication
2. Once the initiator protein, DnaA binds to the ori, the enzyme that unwinds DNA; labelled 2 is
3. The DNA directed RNA polymerase labelled 3 that is required to initiate strand synthesis by forming a primer with free 3'OH end is
DNA primase
initiator enzyme
4. The primer synthesized by primase enzyme labelled 4 is a
DNA primer
RNA primer
both DNA and RNA
Some times RNA sometimes DNA
5. Identify the enzyme labelled 5 which relax the supercoiling stress induced by unwinding of helicase by making temporary single stranded nicks is
topoisomerase I
topoisomerase II
6. In prokaryotes, the elongation of leading stand is carried out by the enzyme labelled 6 is
RNA polymerase
DNA polymerase I
DNA polymerase III
7. During DNA replication, lagging strand is synthesized as short fragments of nucleotides; labelled 7 is
Okazaki fragment
klenow fragment
lagging fragment
8. RNA primers of lagging strand is replaced with DNA by the enzyme labelled 8 is
proof reading enzyme
DNA polymerase I
DNA polymerase III
reverse transcriptase
9. Identify the enzyme labelled 9 called as molecular glue that joins the okazaki fragments by forming phosphodiester bond is
10. During DNA replication, the strand that is synthesized continuously labelled 10 is called the
continuous strand
leading strand
uninterrupted strand
ongoing strand
11. The strand labelled 11 is formed of many short fragments which are synthesized discontinuously is the
interrupted strand
broken strand
disconnected strand
lagging strand
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