Photosynthesis Practice Test

This Photosynthesis interactive practice test is designed to assess your deep understanding about 'PhotosynthesisChoose the best answer from the four options given. When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking ' Score'.  Percentage score will be displayed along with right answers. See the short notes on Steps in Photosynthesis.
Photosynthesis Practice Test
1. In photosynthesis, light energy is converted to
mechanical energy
electrical enrgy
chemical energy
thermal energy
2. The principal pigment in plants, algae and cyanobacteria which serves as reaction center molecule is
chlorophyll a
chlorophyll a and b
chlorophyll b
3. Oxygen evolved during photosynthesis comes from
Both a and b
4. The site of light dependent and light independent reaction of photosynthesis is
chloroplast and mitochondria respectively
cytoplasm and chloroplast respectively
thylakoid membrane and stroma respectively
grana and mitochondria respectively
5. In light dependent reaction of photosynthesis, energy of sunlight is trapped and used for the synthesis of
glucose and ATP
6. How many CO2 molecule is required to make one glucose molecule in Calvin cycle?
7. In non-cyclic photophosphorylation, the electron deficiency in PSII is made up by the electrons supplied by
H2O splitting
CO2 splitting
both b and c
8. How many ATP and NADPH is utilized for the synthesis of one molecule of glucose?
18 ATP and 12 NADPH
12 ATP and 12 NADPH
12 ATP and 6 NADPH
18 ATP and 18 NADPH
9. In light reaction, ATP synthesis by ATP synthase is favored by
low concentration of H2O in stroma and high concentration of H+ in thylakoid lumen
high concentration of H2O in stroma and low concentration of H+ in thylakoid lumen
high concentration of H+ in stroma and low concentration of H+ in thylakoid lumen
low concentration of H+ in stroma and high concentration of H+ in thylakoid lumen
10. The most abundant protein on earth is RUBISCO which catalyses the reaction between
Ribulose 1,5-biphosphate and O2
Ribulose 1,5-biphosphate and 3-phosphoglyceraldehyde
Ribulose 1,5-biphosphate and CO2
Ribulose 1,3-biphosphate and CO2
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