Neural Control and Coordination Quiz | Human Physiology Quiz

1.Nissl's bodies are mainly composed of ?
proteins and lipids
Nucleic acids and SER
Free ribosomes and RER

2.Myelin sheath is provided by----
astrocytes and Schwann cells
osteoclasts and astrocytes
Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes
osteoclasts and oligodendrocytes

3.The most abundant intracellular cation is

4.A diagram showing axon terminal and synapse is given. Identify correcly at least two of A-D

A- Neurotransmitter B-Synaptic cleft
C-Neurotransmitter, D- Ca++
A- Receptor, C-Synaptic vesicles
B-Synaptic connection, d-K+

5.Which part of the brain is responsible for thermoregulation?
Medulla oblongata
Corpus callosum

6.Which of the following receptors are specifically reponsible for maintenance of balance of body and posture?
basilar membrane and otoliths
Hair cells and organ of corti
Tectorial membrane and macula
Crista ampullaris and macula

7.Photosensitive compound in human eye is made up of ---------.
Opsin and retinol
Transducin and retinene
guanosine and retinol
opsin and retinal

8.The parts of human brain that helps in regulation of sexual hehaviour, expression of excitement, pleasure, rage, fear etc are:
Brain stem and epithalamus
Corpus callosum and thamus
Limbic system and hypothalamus
Corpora Quadrigemina and hippocampus

9.Match the items given in column I with those in Column II and select the correct option given below.

A(IV)., B(III)., C(II)., D(I)
A(I)., B(IV)., C(III)., D(II)
A(III)., B(I)., C(II)., D(IV)
A(III)., B(I)., C(IV).,, D(II)

10.The transparent lens in the human eye is held in its place by------
Choose the correct answer from the options below

ligaments attached to the ciliary body
ligaments attached to the iris
Smooth muscles attched to the iris
Smooth muscles attached to the ciliary body

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