Quiz on Body Fluids and Circulation | Human Physiology Quiz

1.Match the following columns and select the correct option
a-iii, b-iv, c-ii, D-i
a-iv, b-i, c-ii, D-iii
a-i, b-ii, c-iv, D-iii
a-ii, b-i, c-iii, D-iv

2.Adult Human RBCs are enucleate. Which of the following statements is/are most appropriate explantion for this feature

a.They do not need to reproduce

b.They are somatic cells

c.They do not metabolise

d.All their internal space is available for oxygen transport

Only a
a, c and d
b and c
only d

3.Name the blood cells, whose reduction in number can cause clotting disorder, leading to excessive loss of blood from the body-----

4.Serum differs from blood in
lacking globulins
lacking albumins
lacking clotting factors
Lacking antibodies

5.The haemoglobin content per 100 mL of a normal healthy human adult is ---

6.Which one of the following is correct?
Lymph = Plasma+ RBC + WBC
Blood = Plasma + RBC + WBC +Platelets
Dorsal Aorta
Hepatic Portal vein

7.The QRS complex in a standard ECG represents
repolarisation of auricles
depolarisation of auricles
depolarisation of ventricles
repolaristion of ventricles

8.'Bundle of His' is a part of which one of the following organs in humans?

9.Match the items given in column I with those in Column II and select the correct option given below.

A(IV)., B(III)., C(II)., D(I)
A(II)., B(IV)., C(I)., D(III)
A(I)., B(II)., C(III)., D(IV))
A(III)., B(I)., C(IV).,, D(II)

10.Which of the following statements are correct?

A. Basophils are most abundant cells of the total WBCs.

B. Basophils secrete histamine, serotonin and heparin.

C. Basophils are involved in inflammmatory response

D.Basophils have kidney shaped nucleus

E. Basophils are agranulocytes

A and B only
B and C only
D and E only
C and E only

Score =
Correct answers:

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