Multiple Choice Quiz on Bioinformatics

This quiz is designed to assess your basic knowledge in ‘bioinformatics’. Questions come under ‘medium’ category. Choose the best answer from the four options given. When you've finished answering as many of the questions as you can, scroll down to the bottom of the page and check your answers by clicking 'Score'. Percentage score will be displayed along with right answers.
Bioinformatics Resources
1. A single piece of information in a database is called
Data set
2. Which of the following is a nucleotide sequence data base?
3. Operating system is
A collection of hardware components
A collection of input-output devices
A collection of software routines
All of the above
4. A data base of current sequence map of the human genome is called
Golden path
5. BLAST programme is used in
DNA sequencing
Amino acid sequencing
DNA barcoding
6. SWISS PORT is related to
Portable data
Swiss Bank data
Sequence data bank
Sequence sequence data
7. BLOSUM matrices are used for
Multiple sequence alighment
Pairwise sequence alighment
Phylogenetic analysis
All of the above
8. Clastal W
Multiple sequence alignment tool
Protein secondary structure predicting tool
Data retriving tool
Nucleic acid sequence analysis tool
9. Phylogenetic relationship can be shown by
Gene Bank
Data retriving tool
Data search tool
10. PRINTS are software used for
detection of genes from genome sequence
detection of tRNA genes
prediction of function of a new gene
Identification of functional domains/motifs of proteins
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